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Written by Martha Mitchell

June 30, 2021

TUESDAY 20 JULY 2021 – 11 AM 

Don’t miss out on our FREE Summer HR Essentials Webinar on Tuesday 20 July at 11am.  

As the weather starts to warm up, we know how important it is to make sure we pack the essentials, whether we’re packing sun cream for a day at the beach or keeping your important travel documents safe, it is important that employers do the same for their business.


Webinar: Summer HR Essentials Webinar

When? Tuesday 20 July 2021

Time? 11 am


The Webinar will be taking place on Tuesday 20 July at 11 am and will cover a whole range of summer HR essentials  including: 

  1. Annual Leave Calculations
  2. The Kickstarter scheme and hiring an apprentice 
  3. Employee status
  4. Top 10 tips on how to have difficult conversations with your staff
  5. Employer essential insurances including employee burnout guide, equality & diversity training, and legal expenses insurance 
1. “How do I calculate annual leave?”

In most businesses, annual leave has not been as popular over the last 12 months due to the natural state of the world. However, now that the easing of restrictions has begun and the sun has started to make an appearance, employers can be faced with a predicament of all staff wanting to take their annual leave at the same time. 

Employers face multiple questions when dealing with annual leave such as: 

  • How do you calculate annual leave? 
  • How do you make sure annual leave is being taken at the right times? 
  • How do you make sure staff aren’t accruing too much annual leave? 

As well as covid related queries:

  • What if an employee has booked a holiday but now has to quarantine on return?
  • What if an employee has booked annual leave but wants to cancel it because of the new travel restrictions?
  • What if an employee catches covid on holiday and has to self-isolate?

We’ll be answering the questions you face in the Summer HR Webinar as well as some easy top tips on managing your staff’s annual leave, stress-free. There will also be a How-to Guide provided in the Webinar to help you calculate annual leave whether it’s for part-time staff, full time, and zero or variable hour workers, all the information will be clearly stated in the guide. 

2. Kickstarters and Apprentices – Expectations VS Reality

Hiring a new employee can be daunting at first, never mind the thought of hiring with the additions of grant applications and setting up learner provider information for apprentices. 

Although both Kickstarters and Apprentices are still treated the same as full-time employees, it is important to make sure their contract is slightly different from the rest of your team. For instance, their hours could be different, pay, and any additional differences such as study time needed in their contract in comparison to full-time employees. 

Most importantly, Kickstarters and Apprentices are usually engaged on fixed-term contracts meaning that they are employed for a set number of months.  The contract of employment should therefore include a ‘break clause’ enabling employers to end the agreement earlier if necessary without running the risk of owing the employee all wages due under the remaining duration of the contract.

There are further stipulations for apprentices to ensure that their contracts are legally compliant as Apprentice Agreements and to enable you to pay the apprentice rate of pay.

Finally, join us to understand how repayments under the Kickstarter scheme work and the impact it could have on cash flow.

3. Employee Status and Self-employed 

As the latest Uber judgment hit the press it made employees and workers more aware of their rights.

What is an employee?  What is a worker? How do you know if someone is a consultant or is self-employed? What is the difference and the bottom line in terms of cost?

We’ll explain the different entitlements which workers and employees benefit from.  What claims can these different categories of workers bring?  We’ll also explain how to assess what status your team members have and what IR35 really means for business owners!

We’ll discuss the different types of contracts you should have in place and open the floor for questions on this topical subject during the HR webinar- test our knowledge!

4. Difficult conversations with your staff 

It can be very difficult for managers or business owners to have conversations with their staff members about body odor, relationships at work, attitude, general hygiene (such as washing up or toilet issues), or even performance.

We’ve boiled down our “How to have difficult conversations” 1-hour management training session to 10 TOP TIPS. 

Believe us when we say, we’ve heard it all!  From complaints about an employee coming in smelling of onions to an employee changing her sanitary towel at her desk…. Join us to feel empowered to have these conversations whenever they arise.

5. Employer’s Insurance 

It’s a tough world at the moment for businesses.  Whether you managed to diversify enough to do well during the covid outbreak or whether your business is struggling, it’s a difficult time.

Employment tribunal claims are up, mental health has taken a huge hit (thanks covid) and employees are returning to the workplace with different levels of anxiety or even impatience as to the covid rules.

We’ll discuss the 3 biggest risks to businesses at the moment and how you can consider best protecting yourselves.  Whether it be accessing our employee burnout guide, considering legal expenses insurance before making redundancies or returning to work, or even implementing equality and diversity training across your workforce.

It’s worth spending some time thinking about how to protect your business and ensure its future viability.

Book onto the Summer HR Essentials Webinar now. 

The Webinar will take place on Tuesday 20 July 11 am – 12noon and will lfree HR Webinarast approximately 1 hour with an optional Q&A session at the end. By attending the Webinar you will receive: 

  • Free HR advice for 1 hour
  • Free Employee Burnout cheat sheet 
  • Free How to guide for Annual Leave 
  • Top 10 tips on how to have difficult conversations with your staff
  • Recording of the Webinar to look back on 
  • Free Q&A session with 2 lawyers 
  • Option to book onto Equality & Diversity training 


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