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Additional Bank Holidays for Platinum Jubilee

Written by Kevin Murphy

November 12, 2020

The Government have announced that to celebrate the record-breaking Platinum Jubilee there will be a four-day weekend taking place in 2022.

It might be 18 months to wait but the whole nation will have an extra day off to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne. This will be the first time a British Monarch reaches the milestone.

The late Spring Bank Holiday in May will be moved to Thursday, 2 June 2022 and an additional Bank Holiday will be created on Friday, 3 June 2022.


In order to avoid an additional day’s annual leave pay, employers should ensure that their contract of employment states that employees are entitled to “20 days annual leave plus the usual 8 bank holidays (or the pro rata equivalent).”  This means that the extra bank holidays can be ordered to be part of their usual holiday entitlement. This will not cost the business any additional money.


If the contract of employment states “20 days annual leave plus the bank holidays” and fails to stipulate which bank holidays are included. This can mean during any year where there are extra bank holidays (including for a royal death, coronation or any other national event) the employer will have to fund those days for their staff.  An additional paid annual leave day for each employee could soon mount up!

Worried about this event costing you additional annual leave for each employee? Contracts of Employment can be reviewed and amended to put you in a better position.


If your employee’s contracts state the above, we can assist in re-drafting contracts of employment. This contract variation can change the employees annual leave holidays to only state the usual 8 bank holidays (or pro rate equivalent).

Alternatively, we can assist in drafting new employment contracts to include the correct annual leave amount for future employees. Get in touch.


In 2018 we posted a blog that started with the words “London Bridge is down” these words will start a historic process and signify the death of Her Majesty the Queen.  The point of the post was to stress that employees could benefit from the Queen’s death if business has not prepared for it, the post can be found here.


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