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Here you’ll find some free of charge template documents, please download the templates and send them back to us for a free-of-charge review.

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Offer Letter

Use our offer letter to ensure that the appropriate pre-employment checks are complete and to enable you to withdraw the job offer if your circumstances change.


Invitation to Disciplinary Hearing

Use our invitation to a disciplinary hearing and review our example allegations to make sure you properly comply with the ACAS Code of Practice when disciplining your employees.


Example Grievance Minutes

Ever wondered how to carry out a grievance? Have a look at these example minutes to prepare for your own employee’s grievance hearing.

Flexible Working Response Letter

Make sure that you reject or accept a flexible working request properly with this letter.


Resignation Response Letter

There is no obligation on employers to accept or reject a resignation, it is effective as long as it is clear and unequivocal. You should still reply to the resignation and this letter details everything you need to address.


GDPR Flowchart

We have developed a unique, easy to follow GDPR flowchart which identifies what data you can use, retain, collect with or without consent from your employees. Do not miss out on this handy tool!

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