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We’ve Joined The SCQA!

 We’re delighted to have joined the Social Care Quality Alliance (SCQA).  The SCQA is a is a group of friendly local businesses with one clear goal – to help Care Homes improve their profitability.  The group meets once a month at free seminars where local business...

Alf on The Business Show!

Alf was recently interviewed by Des Machin on The Business Show for This Is The Cat, 107.9fm.   Amongst other questions, he was asked why he set the company up in the first place and what advice he would give to people who want to start their own business. During the...

Do I Have To Advertise A Vacancy?

A client recently asked us - if I advertise the job do I legally have to display it at the job centre? Answer - No. There are no advertising obligations placed upon employers in relation to where they place a vacancy or indeed, that it has to be advertised at all.

A Nice Way To Dismiss

When dismissing an employee, employers often think that they are helping their employee by toning down the reason for dismissal, rather than directly addressing the employee's flaws.  Unfortunately, a fabricated reason that is intended to make the dismissal easier on...