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New Strategic Partnership

New strategic partnership

Written by Martha Mitchell

March 25, 2021

Employment Law Solutions are proud to announce a new partnership aimed at improving the ability of any business to defend itself from claims.

Working alongside Hammersbach Consulting and Bartlett James a simple review will allow business owners to know if they have any areas of risk that are not properly protected.

This exciting partnership allows us the opportunity to work to protet more businesses from the risks they face and to help business thrive and not just survive.

Kevin Murphy

Director, Employment Law Solutions

Bartlett James Risk Solutions
Hammersbach Consulting

The Risk

It is anticipated that claims are going to rise, the insurance companies are predicting that they will at least.  With premiums rising exponentially and the market hardening and the capacity for claims decreasing we have to ask what the insurers are predicting.

The Employment Tribunals have already seen a huge increase in claims but this is just one example of why an increase in claims is predicted.  

With business cash flow suffering and many individuals being under significant financial pressure employment and public liability claims are predicted to increase. One thing is certain, whether it be personal injury, litigation or injury at work insurance companies are witnessing an increase in claims and are expecting this to continue.  Our new partnership aims at giving you the best changes to defend a claim.

Claims Defensibility


Hammersbach Consulting, an independent claims management consultancy with over 30 years industry experience will work with business owners or senior management teams to identify risk, whether that be where a claim can arise or that your insurances are insufficient.  

A simple and painless audit, kept to an affordable price point, will give you the knowledge and information to best protect your business.

With the risks identified a business owner can move forward to properly protect themselves from the threats to their business and livelihood.

But where do Employment Law Solutions and Bartlett James come into this?

We provide protection and assist in risk mitigation.


Barlett James

Bartlett James have over 25 years in the insurance broking industry and are well placed to assist with plugging any gaps where an insurable risk may arise, or provide additional cover where your current policies are insufficient.

Of course Employment Law Solutions are on hand to provide risk management which arises from simply having staff.  By curing HR headaches as they arise and advising employers how to remain compliant we reduce, mitigate and often remove the chances of an Employment tribunal claim being brought against your business.

 Employment Law Solutions

Employment Law Solutions offer additional protection to our clients by way of our Legal Expenses policy.  In essence, if you follow our advice, our insurance policy will cover you for the cost of preparation, representation and also for compensatory awards that a judge may order*.


So what’s the benefit?

Imagine, your driving down the motorway, all of sudden your tyre pressure monitoring system indicates a loss of pressure.  What do you do now?  Continue in the fast or head for the hard shoulder?

Heading for the hard shoulder will of course allow you time to slow down, assess the situation and possibly avoid a crash.

Continuing in the fast lane could lead to disaster.  Ultimately, you may be able to carry on but why risk it?

Our claims defensibility audit is your tyre pressure monitoring system.   The audit will flash on some of your dashboards lights, allow you to identify the areas where risk needs to be managed or mitigated and will allow you to continue growing your business.

What next?

If you want to identify and manage your risk, get in touch with Employment Law Solutions and ask for the audit to be carried out. 


*Terms and conditions apply and may vary from the time of publication.

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