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About Us

Honest.  Approachable.  Practical.

“I am especially proud of how our lawyers look after our many clients. We truly operate as a family business, we protect our clients like family members. We are passionate, honest and we stick together to fight for our clients. “

Alf Murphy, Managing Director


Our purpose is to help our clients, we work hard to provide solutions to problems and situations rather than dictating a list of ‘can and cannots’.

We understand that management time is valuable and that each of our clients has a business to run. It is important to us that you achieve your own objectives based upon our jargon free advice.



We promise to speak to you in plain English and to facilitate the achievement of your objectives via the provision of sensible advice. Allow us to be your employment law solution.

If you have a problem with an employee, just pick up the phone and call us…


Cheshire Employment Lawyer Alf Murphy


Alf is our most senior lawyer and the founding director of Employment Law Solutions. His strong attitude towards troublesome employees precedes him and results in many referrals of the nature “you need to talk to Alf, he’ll sort it.”

What is it like to work with Alf?

Jennifer: “Working with Alf is inspiring.  He always throws on his superhero cape and swoops to his client’s rescue, nothing is ever too much trouble for him.”

Kevin: “Working with Alf is an education.  He knows the law inside out and understands the importance of words and their application in documentation and evidence better than anyone I know.”

What is it like to be Alf’s client?

After dismissing a particularly difficult employee, one client simply said: “Alfredo the Great strikes again!


Kevin is highly regarded by our clients, providing the pragmatic solutions that they require and never fails to provide the commercially sound advice they want.

What is it like to work with Kevin?

Jennifer:  “Kevin is great at putting client’s at ease. He talks to them in their own language and understands their business like he has been part of it from day one!”

Alf: “Kevin’s natural charm, affability and his ease with clients is a refreshing reminder of me 30 years ago.”

What is it like to be his client?

“We had a difficult employee who we had to dismiss, they had moved address and had not updated us. Kevin provided us with the advice we required to dismiss the employee by text, saving us time and money.  He appreciates the financial pressures on our industry.”

Gina C, Area Manager for a chain of care homes.


Jennifer has experience working with large, national chains and their HR departments. This experience assists her in providing a range of options for her clients based upon a variety of corporate and commercial considerations.

What is it like to work with Jennifer?

Kevin: “Jennifer is a pro, her knowledge of the most obscure areas of law astounds me! The best thing though is that she allows me to bore her with random facts.”

Alf: “Jennifer’s love for the law combined with her tendency to research and understand it is invigorating in the modern world where google tends to be most people’s first port of call.”

What’s it like to be her client?

You’ve understood our business and tailored your advice and support accordingly. I have never once doubted your expertise or whether the advice you were offering was to protect your company rather than mine.

Davinia W, HR manager for a haulage firm.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

We care. 

We are a family business and who advocate for the need of support and love.  We are proud to support Alice Charity and The Wingate Centre in their work supporting families and children when needed.  You can help by making a donation through our referral scheme. 

We care about our environmental impact and ensuring that we play our part in protecting our planet for future generations.  We are committed to constantly developing and enhancing our green guarantee and support of Trees For Life.

“I have never felt so comfortable about handing over a situation to someone and knowing they will deal with it. We feel so positive about what you can bring to us as a company”

Jessica Marshall | Absolute Recruitment