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Every April, the Government uses the new tax year to implement changes to many areas of law including employment law. This April the government is taking a huge step forward and the UK will become a global leader.

As predicted* by our very own Kevin Murphy parents will be entitled to paid bereavement leave should they suffer the loss of a child. The new law, known as Jack’s Law will come into force on 1 April 2020 and entitles parents to one or two paid weeks leave, this leave can be taken within 52 weeks of the child’s death and where the parent opts to take 2 weeks they do not have to be consecutive.

There is a wide definition of parent which includes legal parents and those who have obtained day to day responsibility for the child. There are of course obligations relating to notice and evidence reporting although these are of course quite relaxed.

We proudly work alongside and support the child bereavement charity A Child of Mine, CEO Gayle Routledge told our Kevin Murphy that “grieving takes a set path but can often have a delayed effect,” fortunately the new regulations cater for the varying methods in which people may grieve.
A great step for UK employment rights and a great prediction by Employment Law Solutions.

*Original Article can be found here