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“London Bridge is down” are the words which will be uttered when Queen Elizabeth II passes away to start the ball rolling on communicating the news to the world.  It is widely known that news channels practice broadcasts and have pre-recorded news pieces ready for the Queen’s death and there is no reason why businesses should not be equally prepared. 

The Queen is 92 years old and although she is not suffering with any reported health concerns, now is as good a time as any to check the wording of holiday clauses in contracts of employment. 

 The day of the Queen’s funeral and the subsequent coronation of the next Monarch will be national holidays. Employers do not have to pay their employees for these extra public holidays.

Employers should ensure that their contract of employment states that employees are entitled to “20 days annual leave plus the usual 8 bank holidays (or the pro rata equivalent).”  This means that those 2 extra bank holidays can be ordered to be part of their usual holiday entitlement and it will not cost the business any additional money.

If the contract of employment states “20 days annual leave plus the bank holidays”and fails to stipulate which bank holidays are included, during any year where there are extra bank holidays, an employer will have to fund those days for its staff.  2 days extra in a year, for each employee could soon mount up! 

We want our clients to avoid “London Bridge is down” resulting in “Holiday Costings Are Up!” Take action now!  Feel free to send your holiday clause over to us to review as a courtesy.