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Problems may arise unexpectedly leaving employers to pay expensive and seemingly endless Solicitors/Counsel fees. Employment Law Solutions clients however budget in advance with fixed monthly payments and are not faced with further requests for exorbitant fees.

Employment Law Solutions lawyers are happy to advise on ad hoc enquiries in return for a fixed hourly rate of only £60.

Employment Law Solutions Lawyers are willing to chair disciplinary/grievance hearings and/ or appeals there from. They have experience in handling such matters and dealing with Trade Union Representatives.

Been issued with an Employment Tribunal Claim form? Our Lawyers have vast experience of preparing for and handling Employment Tribunal Claims and are available to assist you to defend claims made against you.


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Employment Law Solutions is a boutique family run firm of employment lawyers having been called to the Bar and/or graduated from the Legal Practice Course. They work independently of the SRA and Bar Council. They provide the most pragmatic and effective advice expected by clients.

Employment Law Solutions
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